iPhone X from Apple iPhone X is a powerful and solid device that was made to perform various tasks. While these devices are generally robust, there are occasions that the iPhone X may need to be shut down. This article will provide the reasons it might be necessary to make the iPhone X to shut down and how to accomplish this and what will happen if it happens.

The force of forcing the iPhone X to switch off is a possibility in many different scenarios. For instance, if the device is not responding or freezing or the battery is not fully charged and won’t charge and shut down, then an emergency shutdown could be needed. In certain cases this could be the only method to bring your iPhone X to its normal operating state.

What Happens When an iPhone X Shuts Down?

If you iPhone X is forced to shut down, all its applications and programs will be shut down and all data saved within the phone will become erased. However, any data that is saved in iCloud or other storage devices external to the device will be preserved. This means that documents, images music, files that were saved to the cloud will be accessible when the device is restarted.

Preparing the iPhone X for a Forced Shutdown

Before you force to force an iPhone X to shut down prior to shutting down, it is crucial to first backup any data kept on the phone. This is done via connecting the iPhone to an external computer and then making use of iTunes as well as iCloud to backup the information. It is also essential to ensure you have charged the battery prior to making the device shut down.

How to Force an iPhone X to Shut Down

The process of forcing your iPhone X to shut down is an easy process. First, hold and press the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down button at the same time for at minimum 10 minutes. The device will shut down , and the display will turn black.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your iPhone X does not shut down after 10 seconds then try pushing and holding down the keys for a longer time. In certain situations the device might need hold for as long as 20 seconds before shutting down. If the device is not shut down, it might be required to connect it to an internet-connected computer and then make use of iTunes in order to reset the device back to its original settings.


Inducing the iPhone X to shut down is a necessity in certain circumstances. It is essential to backup any files that is stored on the device prior to the device is forced to shut down, since all data is lost when the device shuts down. After the device has closed, it is able to be restarted in a normal manner. If the device doesn’t completely shut down after a period of 10 seconds, it could be required to connect to a computer and then use iTunes in order to reset the device back to its original settings.


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