• Consensus 2023 is coming up, with policy-related sessions exploring the fallout from the 2022 market crash, the advance of CBDCs and more.
• CoinDesk is hosting a Policy Summit on Friday to discuss regulatory and related issues within the industry.
• The last year has seen a number of bankruptcies, the collapse of FTX exchange and increased attention from policymakers watching thousands of people losing access to crypto.

Unpacking Policy Issues at Consensus 2023

Regulators, lawmakers and more descend on Austin for Consensus 2023 to explore policy implications in the cryptocurrency industry. By Nikhilesh De.

The Narrative

CoinDesk is hosting a Policy Summit on Friday specifically focused on regulatory and related issues within the industry.

Why it Matters

The past year has been tumultuous for cryptocurrencies, with Celsius Network suspending withdrawals just after Consensus 2022 ended. Since then we have seen multiple bankruptcies, FTX exchange collapsing and increased scrutiny from regulators as thousands of people lost access to their funds stored in crypto assets.

Breaking it Down

The U.S Securities & Exchange Commission have ramped up their efforts to police crypto assets while U.S bank regulators have begun issuing statements warning companies under their supervision against investing in digital currencies or offering related services without prior approval or compliance with relevant laws & regulations.. Furthermore, there are ongoing debates around privacy tools like privacy coins being used by criminals and terrorist organizations as well as concerns over how Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) will affect current banking infrastructure & monetary policies around the world.

Consensus 2023 provides an opportunity for regulators, lawmakers and other stakeholders to come together and discuss these pressing issues so that we can create an equitable environment for all parties involved in this emerging asset class going forward.


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