• Rarible has added Tezos integration to its NFT marketplace aggregator tool.
• The addition of Tezos follows the recent announcement that Rarible would begin aggregating Polygon-based listings.
• Tezos is favored by crypto-native artists and collectors for its eco-friendly properties.

Rarible Expands Aggregation to Support Tezos

Rarible, an NFT marketplace, announced Thursday that it will be integrating support for Tezos on its aggregated marketplace. This follows the recent announcement that Rarible would begin aggregating Polygon-based listings. Alexander Salnikov, co-founder of Rarible, said they chose to integrate Tezos marketplaces into their aggregation tool in an effort to court crypto-native artists and collectors who favor sustainability.

What Does This Mean For Collectors?

Collectors on Rarible will now have access to purchase Tezos-based NFTs from marketplaces such as Objkt, fxhash, Teia and Versum. The company also noted that all Tezos marketplaces honor creator royalties – a feature which Rarible also supports – creating an attractive environment for creators on the platform.

Rarible’s Toolkit for Creators

Rarible has been building out its toolkit for creators over the past several months. In October 2022, they launched their aggregator tool which pulls NFT listings from competitor marketplaces and bolsters collectors’ access; then in January 2021 they deployed their royalty program allowing users to collect a portion of every resale when buyers purchase their work via the platform.

Popularity of Polygon

The integration of support for Polygon tokens is likely due to large companies like Starbucks planning to deploy Web3 initiatives on this blockchain network; leading many enthusiasts to believe it’s heading towards mainstream adoption soon enough.


These integrations with both Polygon and Tezos demonstrate how serious Rarile is about supporting creators as well as collectors who favor these eco-friendly networks; giving them more options when it comes time to buy or sell NFTs through the platform.


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