• Casey Rodarmor is the creator of Ordinals Bitcoin NFT project and a co-host of SF Bitcoin BitDevs.
• The Ordinal protocol developed by Rodarmor enables the creation, buying and selling of digital assets powered by its XCP token.
• Rodarmor’s dedication to testing out new Bitcoin ideas is evident in his work with Bitcoin BitDevs, which is key to the grassroots culture of Bitcoin.

Casey Rodarmor: The Quest to Make Bitcoin Fun Again

In a CoinDesk interview for Buidl Week, the creator of Ordinals Bitcoin NFT project breaks down his inspiration and how he views the backlash from some Bitcoiners against the protocol.

Bitcoin Trying Out Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Bitcoin is attempting to use non-fungible tokens (NFT) again. First there were colored coins in 2012, which were aimed at representing all types of non-bitcoin assets on Bitcoin. Then came Counterparty in 2014, which was built as a derivative of Bitcoin and allowed for creating, buying and selling digital assets powered by its XCP token. Counterparty spawned “Rare Pepes” – NFTs inspired by Pepe the Frog meme – back in 2016.

Introducing Casey Rodarmor

Casey Rodarmor has been working in technology since 2010. He has experience with Google and Chaincode Labs working on nominal projects regarding Bitcoin Core code implementation. He now serves as co-host for SF Bitcoin BitDevs after taking over from River Financial founder Alexander Leishman last year.

Ordinal Protocol

Rodarmor’s current focus lies in developing Ordinals NFTs and inscriptions via his Ordinal protocol. This allows users to create, buy, sell digital assets using its XCP token.

Commitment To Testing New Ideas

Rodarmor’s commitment towards testing new ideas found within the realm of bitcoin is evident through his work with bitcoin bitdevs – an important part of bitcoin’s grassroots culture.

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