AnneMarie van Splunter is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice is very versatile, comprising video projects like A Day Such as This, where children reveal a view of Amsterdam or Amman from their window as they open their curtains in the morning, ephemeral installations like Salina, a floor relief made of 3800 kilos of salt and sculptural artworks in public space. Monumental and poetical are her concrete playgrounds, steel park gates and a city park Buzzbench, made of wood and local reed which constitutes a shared environment for humans and insects. An ordering by mathematical patterns or modules, meticulous use of tactile materials and curved forms that recall nature and architecture characterise AnneMarie's work, appealing to the sensory perception of the spectator, evoking an immaterial idea of lightness and serenity. Commissioners include the Darat al Funun in Jordan, the Dowse Art Museum in New Zealand and the Dutch Government Buildings Agency.