Marianne Villiére was born in 1989 in Nancy, France, and currently lives and works in France. Her work is focused on developing an approach that questions our current context – mostly our everyday urban space. It is through observation and composition of performative postures that she attempts to put the public sphere into play as a shared experience. The collective, creative forms that she employs come out of her experience in cultural mediation, theater, civil disobedience and associative work. Her interest in the incongruous has also led her to explore other disciplines, such as microsociology. She uses context as a starting point to create unsettling, disruptive situations that inspire reflection on how we live together in a given space. This approach allows for engagement with the rhetoric of specific actions – sculpting and articulating select acts with critical intent. The main focus of her work is to spark debate, generate latent controversial energy, and negotiate alternatives to existing power relations.