Mairi Pardalaki is a Greek dancer living in France. She has collaborated in numerous projects with director Romeo Castellucci at the Paris Opera; choreographer Alexandra Pirici for her Parthenon Marbles; and Akram Khan for his outdoor mass performance Kadamati. Pardalaki started producing her own work early on, creating the trio “Piccole Marquisakis” with Hélène Gautier and Francesca Saraullo, as well as The Neutrino Passoire, an arts and science performance with physicist Kostas Nikolopoulos of the University of Birmingham. Sharing dance and movement with all kinds of communities consists an ever-growing part of her work. She worked with young immigrants after the dismantling of the Calais Jungle with Fanny Travaglino, as well as with communities from all backgrounds in Montreuil, outside of Paris, which culminated in the Transhumance project. Pardalaki also teaches yoga and has a Communications degree.