Barbaros Altuğ has worked for several newspapers and monthly magazines as an editor and critic. He was a columnist at the Taraf daily for two years. His first book of articles on popular culture, travels and art, Some Like It Black, was published in 2012. His first novel, we’re fine here, appeared in 2014 in Turkish, and has been translated into German and English. He has also published an anthology in Turkish and which has been translated into Greek and Bulgarian under the name İstanbul of Writers. He has lived in Paris for one year between 2016-2017, where he finished his second novel, which revolves around an axis linking Paris, İstanbul and Yerevan. The Hrant Dink Foundation awarded him a travel grant in February 2019 for this second novel, Wounds in My Soul, about the Armenian Genocide, which was published in Germany by Orlanda Verlag in March 2020. He is now working on his new novel, The Wall That Divides Us which will tell the story of Berlin city through four generations of the same family, between 1960 and 2010, and a novella, Forever Young, focusing on the lives of intellectuals who fled the country after July 2016.