Born in 1995 in İstanbul, Kuzey Topuz is a writer and translator based in İstanbul. She studied at the Film and Television department of İstanbul’s Bilgi University, with a focus on film theory. She took part in various projects both behind and in front of the camera during her studies. Her first writing ventures were short stories, one of which evolved into a novella project later on. She later engaged in found poetry and other poetic genres. During her residency, she has worked on her project, meant as the theory of one fantasy. In this fictional text, the fantasy is fragmented as a declarative problem. Related to this project, she invented a board game consisting symbolic states of life that belong to particular world views. Her work was published in such magazines as; Çevrimdışı, Ecinniler, Orlando, Panacea. She is interested in spoken literature, mystical texts and prose poetry, and is also a collector of unclaimed objects of memory.