Sibel Horada received her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University in 2003, focusing on the history of the personal and collective. In 2011, she completed her master’s degree at the Art and Design Faculty of Yıldız Technical University. The artist feeds on the unity of form and text in her body of work for which she has conducted archival studies as well as researches with materials as diverse as history to nature. From the moment when everything that vanishes and stabilises in time to constitute memory becomes a departure point for Horada’s productions, they gain dynamic states. In the meantime, memory gains a physical and visual structure by constantly being explored and reproduced in the process. Therefore, her works circulate between the forms of memory to represent not only the past but the time that stretches from the idea of the “contemporary” to the future. Horada visualises her narrative with poetic sensitivity, in which interpretations loaded with conceptual and symbolic references, can be read in the flow.